Saturday, August 1, 2009

Layered Hair Styles

Layered hair styles are a popular option for men and women with all hair types and textures. The reason why layered hair styles are so popular is because they work so well for everyone. Of course, the very best hair type to have layered is straight, long hair. The reason why is lots of layers can be cut to create a very jagged, layered look on the individual. Or, just a few layers may be cut to add softness around the face or lighten up really thick, heavy hair.

Those with curly hair frequently have layers cut to keep the hair from being so big. Cutting strategic layers allows for the hair to fall into place and not be so big. This is more attractive and the reason why many curly headed individuals choose a layered hair style.

Men also benefit from layered hair styles. Of course, more layers are used on men because it allows for all types of styles. Men might have many short layers put in to add texture and body while other men might prefer a longer, shaggier look. Layers can accomplish all of these styles and more.

A great option for both men and women with layered hair styles is to accent the style with highlights. A mixture of highlights and lowlights work as well. The point is to add contrasting colors to achieve a bold look that can't be achieve with a monotone color.

There are just so many options when it comes to layered hair styles. Almost everyone will find a layered hair style that complements their hair color, texture, and length as well as the shape of their face. However, not all layered hairstyles are for everyone. Because of this you should trust your stylist before you go in and request a certain style. Discuss the style you like with your stylist and find out if it will work well with your hair. If so, ask your stylist if the style will complement your face. The last thing you want to do is have your hair cut and end up with a style that does not flatter you.

Where to Find Trendy Layered Styles

If you like layered hair styles you may be wondering where you could find the perfect layered style for the New Year. The answer is to search the Internet, hair magazines, and even television for layered hair styles you like. Once you have a collection of hair styles you think would look good on you then you can head to the hair salon with your photos. Doing this will give your stylist a great idea of what you want and will help you both work out an original layered hairstyle just for you.

For example, there might be a layered hairstyle you love, but you want it shorter or longer. Your stylist will let you know if that is possible. The best way to achieve a layered hair style is to take several photos with you to the salon and then discuss with your stylist the best cut and color for you. In the end, you will have an amazing layered cut that looks great on you!

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